Are you thinking about new ways to reach out to your customers? However, you need to understand that this growth will not occur overnight. Instead, it needs a lot of patience, dedication as well as an expert approach to yield fruitful results. For an application/website to be successful, it needs to rest on strong pillars of the functional user interface, great readability, fluid accessibility, as well as aesthetically appealing user experience design services.

A recent study by suggested that their revenues increased by over 35% when they incorporated minor user experience design changes onto their homepage. With so much to gain on a relatively low investment, UX design has proved to be a good choice for investment for both developing as well as established businesses.

Let us have a brief study of how the biggest brands in the world have made the best use of user experience design practices and what actually UX design stands for.

What Do You Understand by UX Design?

It is important that you understand the importance and complete meaning of the term UX design. Conventional philosophy suggests that the main job of a UX designer is to make the website/application look good. However, the impact of user experience design extends far beyond this plain job.

A UX design process involves the task of making several financial as well as exploratory calculations to study the UX Design latest trends and return on investment for the business owner. The UX designer needs to work in sync with the content developers to find/create relevant pictures and infographics for the post. They also need to handle the CMS (Content Management System) to increase the readability statistics of the content.

User Experience - The Key Driving Force in the Customer-centric Market
User Experience – The Key Driving Force in the Customer-centric Market

One can understand the business value of user experience only in the long term. Just like SEO, it is nearly impossible to see the effect of good UX design overnight.

Mini Case Studies

  • Facebook – Facebook is a good example of minimalist UX design. The classic blue and white theme is something that serves as a beacon the industry. Apart from the overall appeal, Facebook has owned the practice of maintaining a feed-like streamline posting for the content while maintaining advertisements as well as navigation buttons to the sides.
  • WhatsApp – Every teenager and 90s kid knows that WhatsApp was just a messenger, that is, a text-based chat service until recent times. The simple navigation and single mode screen experience were some of the major factors why people preferred it over Telegram, Blackberry Messenger, etc. Even after adding the voice and video call features, WhatsApp did not change its UX design a lot. Instead, it retained all the elements of the previous design and created 3 different screens to access the story, voice/video-call history and the normal chat.
  • Instagram – The idea behind Instagram was to highlight life in pictures. If you look closely, Instagram is just a fraction of Facebook. However, teenagers today prefer using it over Facebook. The simple interface of a picture plus caption for the entire feed is enough proof that people do not want a lot of functionality. Instead, they want a limited but seamless version of it.

CTA, Accessibility, Usability, and the Other Critical Aspects of a Good UX Design

User experience design in business comprises of various critical aspects that define the possibility of growth/failure.

  • CTA – The best UX design clearly defines the margin between the CTA and informational content. With the necessary hyperlinks, a business can promote its services/products in the most intuitive and subtle manner.
  • Accessibility – Good UX design for business makes the content highly accessible to the audience. It helps in boosting the rankings of the website on search engine results by a significant amount. Yup, boring old SEO techniques are no longer enough.
  • Usability – It increases the usability of the website by making the navigation smoother as well as overall aesthetics intuitive and appealing.

Other important aspects include readability, ability to share the content socially, as well as the creation of online brand awareness.

With so many benefits up its sleeve, it is wise to hire a professional UX designer/UI and UX Design Maryland Company for your business today. Not only will this person help you in increasing your online footprint, but will also help you bring in high-quality leads for continual business growth.

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