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Owning a Daycare or Montessori School? Looking for a surplus growth in your business revenue? Go online, opt for website development.

How Important is Website Development and Design Services for Preschools
Website Development and Design Services for Preschools

Having your child care service on the internet is a super way to advertise and reach many new families! A website is a practical choice for your business. Your school website is an important marketing tool to create awareness about their offerings and uniqueness to prospective families. These families will use your website to learn about your programs to determine if they want to tour your school and why they should choose you over the competitor.  Whereas, current families will use your website as a resource, and refer it to their friends and relatives.

There are numerous benefits of a website for schools like increased enrollment rate, business reach and visibility and a great return on investment etc.

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Importance of having a school website

Wondering why a school website is important? Well! A school website is very important for making a first impression as it often is the first contact a prospective customer has with the school. Here are the six business reasons to have your school website in place. Take a look.

Increases your enrollment

Your website is the valuable marketing tool, hence use it wisely. A website that clearly conveys the message it has been created for is more likely to draw potential customers to your business.

Improves the perception of your preschool

First impressions count. On the web, it is your website design that first captures the visitor’s attention. Smooth navigation, sleek looks and clear message will reduce website bounce rate improving the scope for family engagement.  

Improves your business reach and visibility

The smartphone has become a primary mean of accessing the internet in the United States. Our developers will create a mobile responsive website for your daycare center that will help families access the information on your website anytime anywhere.

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Ensures Safety and Security

If you own, operate, or promote a website, your school data — and your users’ information — is exposed to a certain level of risk. Hence, remaining up-to-date on the latest software is essential. With website modernization, we help you get rid of such jeopardies through cutting-edge security enhancements.

Enhances Search Engine Results

Search engine algorithms have evolved since its inception. Our team helps you create content that is aligned with the latest search requirements, which will help maximize parent engagement and improve your search engine ranking.

Delivers Compelling Return On Investment

The improved user experience and engagement derived through website modernization are most likely to augment admission in your center. This new website will offset the development/website re-engineering cost.

How does Infojini create your preschool website?

Having developed and re-engineered websites for several child care centers and Montessori schools, Infojini has accrued immense experience and knowledge of what it takes to help businesses creating a durable web presence. Whether you want to develop a website from scratch or you already own one that needs technology enhancement, our team is here to assist you.

We follow a collaborative approach for website development, where we work closely with you to ensure your website is a success. Our website design and development process typically includes:

Discovery Stage

We work with you to create the overall plan for your new website.

Information Architecture Stage 

We define navigation strategy and collaborate with the school to establish copy and content.

Design Stage  

We develop graphics, photos, fonts, colors, and other design elements that fit together to create a pleasing & balanced design.

Quality Assurance Stage 

Our quality analyst will perform extensive functional testing and review the content.

Final Launch

It includes the installation of essential software, making configuration changes, and transferring the code and content.

Post- Launch Training Stage

Our experts will teach you how to edit your new website, including editing copy, adding photos, and updating PDF files.

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